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Wild Yamz Fitness StudioMy name is Angela and I am the owner and creator of Wild Yamz Fitness Studio. I hold certifications in group fitness, sports nutrition and spinning through Mad Dogg Athletics.

I have been teaching group fitness for 22 years and I am also a graduate of the Culinary Academy of Westbury. My expertise is to convert high caloric and high fat foods into alternative healthy meals.

I have a passion for helping people make the mind/body connection and help them learn to identify and reduce stress in their life. Throughout my years of teaching I have always had a desire to create a space where people can come, beginners and advanced, to feel comfortable enough with there fitness level and work towards total wellness. This is what my gym is all about.

At our studio we have step, weight training, kickboxing, power yoga and cycling classes. We also have the state of the art hydraulic circuit.

All of our instructors are all certified through a nationally recognized organization and are always available to answer anyone's questions.

Wild Yamz was featured in the Winter 2004 issue of Less Stress Press: