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Hi Ange,

I just wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful basket. I’ve been making a concerted effort to eat better in 2010, and this helps a lot!

I also wanted to share something that happened this week- we had Teacher Appreciation Day, and one of my students wrote me a lovely card and told me how I made her not just a better student but a better sister and person. This, for me, is the ultimate compliment. And, I think that as an instructor, this is what you do for me, all of us really, as well- you always push me to strive for better- not just physically, but in life in general. There are instructors and there are Instructors- I put you in the highest category because you love and believe in what you do and it transmits clearly to us. So, consider today Spinning Guru Appreciation Day!

Spinning made me nervous at first, but it is my favorite class. You have inspired me to get back into shape and get my certifications again!! I was a part of the two hour spin last week and I really loved it. It was tough but a lot of fun. Angela and Patrick kept it fun with great music and instruction. You guys are the greatest!!! Thank you!

Wild Yamz is a facility which truly caters to the beginners as well as advanced spinners. The atmosphere and music are amazing. I recommend that you try a class, the benefits will be great. Believe me is it worth a try.

As a nine-year veteran member of Wild Yamz, I have witnessed its metamorphosis from an "Aerobics Studio" to a true "Fitness Center" in all its aspects. Not only has it kept current with trends and innovations in the excercise world from Kickboxing to Circuit Training to Pilates, Yoga and Spinning, but it has also perfected its goal of realizing that fitness in its truest sense comes in three forms: the physical, the mental and the reflective.

Wild Yamz is all that and then some without all the frills that you have no need for and end up paying for anyway through your inflated yearly membership fee. At Wild Yamz you get dedicated instructors who can really put you through your paces in your quest for health and mind-body fitness. Whether it be with Yoga, Spin, Step, Circuit Training, Cardio, Weights and the Specialty Event classes you get more than what you expect and pay for.

I've been a member of Wild Yamz for almost 5 years.  Everything you need is right there.  The spin classes are outstanding as are all the classes.  I just can't say enough great things about this fitness studio.  It's great!  I've seen my body shrink and it's actually fun to go clothes shopping now.  All the instructors are great as well as the members.  If you want a friendly atmosphere and great classes then Wild Yamz is the place to be!.

Are you tired of gyms that sign you up and lock you in?  If your workout becomes just another thing you have to do, you need to experience Wild Yamz Gym.  It is exciting, motivating, and challenging.  All classes are given by certified and trained instructors, who are also athletes.  They are always finding new ways to challenge you and bring you to that new fitness level.  The music is amazing and is granted to make you forget how hard you are working.  I have been going to Wild Yamz for a year now, and I can honestly say I look forward to every single class.

I have been teaching Health and Physical Education since 2001 and it wasn’t until Christmas break 2007 that I think I truly found my passion.  I drove by Wild Yamz often and finally decided to inquire about Spinning via email.  The owner Angela got back to me immediately and offered me a free introductory class. From the first visit until now she and her staff were always very attentive throughout the learning process to make sure that I learned the proper techniques of spinning to get maximum benefits while enjoying incorporating a different type of exercise into my regime.  Whether you sign up for a membership or pay as you go you always feel so comfortable going back because the staff and other riders are very supportive and motivating.  You feel like you are riding amongst family and friends.